Cake Designers is incredible in every way!!! My new husband and I typically do not like cake and do not really eat it; however… I had -the very little- left over cake for breakfast this morning because it is THAT GOOD!!!

They are very professional and the quality of their cake and frosting are impeccable, and their designs are flawless!! You won’t taste anything like it!!! The cakes are soft and moist -yet the perfect texture, in that it does not fall apart when you touch it, but still melts in your mouth, and the flavors just burst in your mouth!! We had the buttercream frosting, and it is unbelievable as well!! My entire life, I have always removed the frosting from cakes and cupcakes, but I could eat this frosting by itself …THAT’S how GOOD it is!!! It’s not too sweet and does not leave a bad taste in your mouth like every other frosting I’ve tasted… it’s got the perfect flavor and texture and looks absolutely incredible!!!


When we tried Cake Designers’ sample at the Wedding TV bridal show, we knew immediately that we wanted to book them for our wedding!! After tasting three other cake vendors at the show and eating what tasted like cardboard with very little boring flavors, we had given up on finding a cake at this show… until my husband came running over to me and said “You’ve GOTTA try this cake!!!” -For him to say that, it meant that it HAD to be good because he is extremely picky with everything and typically hates cake!! Well he was right!! We booked a tasting; already knowing that Cake Designers would be making our wedding cake for our big day!!


Not only was our cake GOEGROUS and perfect in every way, because Patty made the design exactly how I wanted -even better than I had planned …but our guests RAVED about it on our wedding day!!! My husband and I were so busy during our reception, but our cake was the one thing we MADE SURE we ate, and it was more incredible than we ever could have imagined!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH CAKE DESIGNERS!!! 🙂