Budgeting for your wedding cake can be a daunting task! Especially when you combine it with budgeting for all the other services necessary to create your dream wedding. There are several places on the web to start this process of establishing your budget. A good place to start might be here.

Budgeting For Your Cake

We can’t help you with figuring a budget for these other services. Here is how we can shed some light on budgeting for your cake.

First, take a look at the dessert menu for some of your local chain restaurants. We have a chain restaurant near us that has a lemon cake on their menu. The size of their serving is similar to a serving of wedding cake. Keep in mind that this cake Starts out frozen. The kitchen removes the cake from the freezer, cuts a piece, and plates it before serving it. This serving of cake costs you $8.99. Most reputable bakeries make your wedding cake fresh for your wedding day unless you buy it from a grocery store. The baker puts far more hours into decorating the wedding cake!

Second, you need to determine the number of guests you will be having. Then nail down your venue. You should then start considering what your dream cake is going to look like. Be flexible with your vision as the more complex your vision is, the more the cake will cost. A creation done in rolled fondant will be more expensive than one done in butter cream. Using real rhinestones costs considerably more than plastic mesh rhinestones. Handmade flowers take time to create, nature takes longer but the cost for the time is a lot less.

Once you have a vision, set an appointment for a taste testing/consultation. You can discuss your vision with the cake decorator. They can help you refine your vision and help you meet your budget.

Our Pricing

Cake Designers current prices for butter cream iced cakes start at $7.50 per serving. Rolled fondant cakes start at $8.50. Our rolled fondant cakes have a layer of butter cream under the fondant. Those that do not like fondant can peel it off and still have icing on their piece of cake. Cupcakes start at $3.95 each for our regular size cupcakes and $2.95 for minis. Prices on cakes and cupcakes increase based on the complexity of the design that you choose.