Orlando Wedding Cake

If “Bling” is your thing, give us a ring!

Cake Designers is a full-service cake decorator located just outside of Orlando, in Central Florida. Specializing in tiered wedding cakes, the designers offer both wedding cakes and groom cakes. Cake Designers custom cakes will enhance your reception with their beauty and their flavor. Add our blingy cake stands and real bling on your cake and you will have a stunning wedding cake!

The wedding cake is the most photographed thing at your wedding after the bride! One of our custom wedding cakes will be the centerpiece that you have been looking for! And proud to serve your guests!

Have you ever been to a wedding where there is a  beautiful cake sitting there only to bite into a piece of sawdust? In contrast, we care as much about the taste of your wedding cake as we do about the outside looks of your wedding cake.

Designing beautiful wedding cakes is our passion! Incorporating the brides personality and ideas into this work of art is “icing on the cake” for us!

Call or email us now for an appointment to help you design your dream cake!