How far in advance do I need to order my cake?

If you are planning a Saturday or Holiday weekend wedding, these days book months in advance. The answer is ASAP.

The reason why is, most vendors are only able to do a certain number of events on a given day or weekend due to limited resources or personnel.  So if you find a vendor that you really want, you need to see if they are available and book them ASAP. Just make sure you have your date locked in with your venue before booking!

What is a “Kitchen Cake”?

A Kitchen Cake is a plain 2 layer buttercream iced wedding cake that has absolutely no icing decorating on it, however it is kept in the kitchen. This cake is not decorated like the main wedding cake is, but is the same cake flavor. Because of the reduced decorating time, this can save you a little money on your cake. Kitchen cakes are only available when a 3-tier bridal cake is not enough. Not available with orders less 100 servings.

What is the difference between a “Sheet Cake” and a “Kitchen Cake”?

Semantics… For most bakers, a sheet cake is an unfilled cake with only frosting on a single layer of cake with no fillings. A Kitchen cake is a two layer cake with the same flavor and filling as the wedding cake but has absolutely no icing decorations on it thus saving some money on the overall cost of the cake. It really comes down to if you were seated across the table from someone who got a properly portioned slice of filled cake and you were given a half-sized slice of unfilled sheet cake, which emotion would you feel first, let down, cheaped out on, or simply hungry for your slice of cake.

We’re on a tight budget for our wedding, can you work with us?

Bakers have options available for most budgets. The first question you ask when contacting a baker is NOT “How much is ____?”, ask instead “I have a budget of $ (at least 5-10/per person) to feed ___ people, what options do you have available?” Don’t be afraid to state what your budget is! Bakers hate having their time wasted designing a $3000 design when your budget is not even remotely close to that. Bakers also are willing to work within your realistic budget if you give them a figure to work with. By realistic budget, that is somewhere in the $5.00/slice to $10/slice range by the time all add-ins are calculated such as delivery.