Why are wedding cakes so expensive? It’s just flour, eggs, oil and water.

The wedding cake is more than just the ingredients. In most cases, the ingredients are the least expensive part of the cake. You are paying for the expertise of the cake designer and labor. When you see the wedding cakes being made on the cake competitions and bakery shows on TV, you must realize that much of the film is left on the cutting room floor. So what seems to take only seconds to do on TV, in real life may take hours to accomplish. The more detailed the cakes design (more time involved) the higher the price. The simpler the cakes design (less time involved) the lower the price.

Some brides have made the decision to make their own wedding cake only having disastrous results. The best advice is to hire a professional. Remember, next to your dress, the wedding cake is a wedding’s most photo icon. Enjoy your wedding; leave the wedding cake to the professionals.